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India bans e-cigarette sales

ndia has banned e-cigarettes as US health inspectors investigate a series of deaths linked to vaping. Reuters reports that an executive order prohibits selling, producing, importing, or advertising e-cigarettes. First offenders could receive up to one year in prison and a 100,000 rupee ($1,400) fine; later violations could cost up

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Illinois vaping ban

Illinois lawmakers heard firsthand from young people Monday about their concerns over vaping and e-cigarettes as they consider legislation to outlaw flavored vape products in the state. The law would also ban e-cigarette use inside public spaces. The hearing was held in Chicago. E-cigarettes have been linked to more than

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Redondo Beach closer to public smoking and vaping ban

Redondo Beach City Council on Tuesday, May 7, unanimously approved the concept of a comprehensive public smoking ban — including e-cigarettes and cannabis — though the council would still need to vote on a formal ordinance before the proposal becomes law. The concept also included requiring a tobacco retail permit.

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